Gardening Made Easy - Recycle AC Water for Your Plants

From the Gardens of Cheesecake Farms

If you have a run off spout from your air conditioner, you've got water for your plants - and it's free!  Just stick a bucket under the drain spout!! 

Got a run off spout that's high off the ground?
Put a rain barrel underneath and you'll collect water without ever having to dump a bucket.  

A central air conditioner system squeezes a whopping 5 to 6 gallons of water out of summer's humid air to keep your house cool and comfortable.   That's plenty to keep the garden, planters and hanging baskets watered.

But here's the best part... the hotter and more humid it is outside, the more water you can collect so, if your community goes on watering restrictions, you'll still have water for your plants.

This is run off water is for plants, only.  
Never drink it or give it to pets.

Free water from the air conditioner..... that's recycling at it's best!


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