Food for Thought - Get Angry and Transform Your Life

By Karla Jones Seidita, Home Economist

Angry?   Put that energy to good use!

Anger is an important and much maligned emotion! 

When you're angry, you're not satisfied with the way things are - in fact, conditions have gotten so bad that you just won't take it any more.

Anger is rising energy.  It builds and grows and swells until it erupts. But anger, if you will let it, will move, release and fill you with the readiness to make a change.

Many well-meaning people will tell you not to be angry.... to just get
 over something or forgive and forget but none of those suggestions puts anger to good use.  Anger was intended to be used as a positive source of motivating energy.

Anger is considered the most important emotion in the eastern  philosophies because it frees the self from feeling stuck. 

The next time you're angry, ask yourself what your anger is calling you to do then use that energy to put your foot down, set a boundary or take a huge step up.

Embrace anger!  It's a powerful tool that, when used properly, brings on positive change.

Anger is the energy to transform your life and the lives of others. 


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