Radical Cooking - The Secret to Peeling Hard Cooked Eggs Without Making a Mess

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Hard cooked eggs (you should never say "hard boiled") are beautiful things.  Light and delicious, they can be transformed into gorgeous egg salad, feisty deviled eggs or that sophisticated first course - Neufs Mayonnaise....  eggs caressed with a mayonnaise sauce. 

But peeling hard cooked eggs is a dismal chore.  More often than not, the eggs wind up tattered and torn.  Ugly at best.

Kitchen lore says an egg needs to be stale to peel well.

Now I ask you, who wants to eat a stale egg????
Isn't it more wonderful (and flavorful) to eat a fresh egg?
Fresh eggs taste sooooo much, well, fresher!!!!

Over the years, I've tried every trick that came along but nothing really worked.... until just the other day I came across an egg peeling tip in a 1930's era cook book..... put a little vegetable oil into the cooking water.

Desperate, I gave it a try and guess what?  It worked like a charm.

I put 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil into the pot of the dozen eggs I was cooking and cooked them as usual.
After they were cooked, I poured off the boiling water and replaced it with cool water to stop the cooking.

I added another tablespoon of oil to the cool water and cracked the shells gently against the sides of the pot.  I let the eggs sit in the cool water about 5 minutes.... until they were cool enough for me to handle.

Then, the fun began.  Like a miracle, the shells slipped off..... they slipped off my farm FRESH  eggs!!!
Oh, I had a couple that were a little stubborn so I put them back into the water to soak a little longer and moved on to another egg.  But all in all, me peeling was a HUGE success!!!

I still have to try this technique a few more times to feel 100% confident in recommending it but it was such a HUGE success right away that I couldn't resist sharing it!!!

Fresh, hard cooked eggs that peel easily.... now that's a radical idea!!! 


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