Friday, December 28, 2012

Home for the Holidays - Foods to Eat at New Years to Guarantee Good Health, Good Luck and Prosperity in the Coming Year

Good Luck Foods for New Years

Everyone has a good luck food to eat at the stroke of midnight.

They vary from culture to culture, region to region but they all have the same thing in common..... they promise good health, good luck and prosperity in the coming New Year.

Here's a quick rundown:

For guaranteed wealth and prosperity in the coming year, just set a dish of cooked lentils on the table.  It symbolizes a bowl of coins.  Who doesn't need a bowl-full of money on the table?    

Cabbage, kale and collards all count no matter how you serve them.   Greens symbolize money but they also symbolize good health…. which many believe is the real wealth.    

Sauerkraut counts as a green, too, even though it looks white, because it's made from cabbage which is green... well, light green anyway.

Black Eyed Peas
Eating Hop'n John (black eyed peas) is the traditional Southern way to insure wealth and prosperity.  

Pork and Ham
Pigs dig forward with their snouts.   Moving forward is good.  Pork and ham symbolize a prosperous New Year.

Fish swim forward and never look back plus their scales are said to resemble coins.  What's better than a fish swimming out to meet you covered in money?

Anything fried or heavy on the butter is the key to health, good luck  and prosperity - or so traditions go.  Fritters, doughnuts, cakes and sweet breads (with or without coins or rings inside).  Funny, the rest of the year fried and buttered goodies are taboo.  Oh, well, guess you shouldn't mess with tradition.   
Foods to Stay Away From
Eating chicken and lobster at New Years bring poverty, disaster and poor health..... or so tradition warns us. 

When chickens scratch their claws on the ground, the dirt they scratch moves backwards.  Backwards is bad.

Lobsters, trying to walk on land, shuffle about in a backwards motion.   Backwards is, again, bad.

So, even if chicken and lobster are your favorites  (never mind that chicken breasts and lobster can cost a fortune),  steer clear of them at New Years.   You just can't take any chances….especially if you've had a rough year! 

No matter what the tradition, there's plenty of good luck, good health and prosperity foods to eat at the stoke of midnight at New Year's Eve.

But which one to choose?
Better not take any chances… have some of everything!