Food for Thought - Does Every Meal Have to Be Nutritious?


Now before you start emailing me,
here's why....

Nutritious and balanced may be the ideal, of course, but not realistic, not necessary and not really important.

We don't even have to eat meals at all....some people do just fine snacking their way through life.

Eating is the gift of nourishment that feeds the body but eating also feeds the mind and the soul.  Flavors, textures, colors, shapes, temperatures are as much a part of the nourishment eating provides as are the nutrients.

Eating can be fun and recreational.  (That bag of chips with it's satisfying crunch.)

Eating can be spiritual, too.  (Think communion at church.)

There is no reason to deprive yourself of all the gifts eating brings to the table (or to the paper bag propped up beside you in the car....). Good health is the result of being holistically nourished - that's body, mind AND soul.

I was listening to The Splendid Table yesterday.  It's a foodie talk show on NPR.  A woman  was struggling with the menu for an anniversary celebration and called in for advice.  There would be several ethnic groups at the celebration and she didn't want to offend anyone by not serving their traditional foods.

The host, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, suggested the caller select several favorite recipes from each side of the family and make them the menu.  

It was not  important that the foods for this occasion provide a balanced meal, Kasper pointed out, but rather a celebration of the families.   With that in mind, the menu would be a success.

And that's the point.

Eating is holistic.

We eat for more than to just feed the body.  
We eat to feed the mind and soul as well.
You have to feed all three to have good health.

Now go eat something and feel good about it!


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