Food for Thought - If You Don't Like It, Don't Eat It

People are always telling me I should write a book about nutrition but I've never been one for preaching.

Here's all you need to know......

1.  Each of us is born with a user manual built inside. 
You know which foods and beverages make you feel good and which ones don't.  Pay attention.

2.  If you don't like a food, don't eat it.
Broccoli may be healthy but if you hate it, eat something else. There is no one food that you must eat...... which is why there is such a huge selection to from which choose. 

3.  There is no right way to eat.
Look around.  Healthy people eat all sorts of foods in all sorts of combinations and at different times of the day.  Listen to your internal usual manual.

4.  Try new foods that appeal to you.
Sample.  Snack.  Taste.  You may be surprised. 

5.  Start children off right.
Children need to be introduced to foods but be aware of their ability to taste.  Strong tasting foods will naturally be rejected.  Be age appropriate when introducing children to new foods.

Little taste buds are like fully opened flowers and very sensitive to taste.  As we age, our taste buds close (like a flower bud) so we tend to like stronger tasting, spicier foods.

6.  Tweak your diet from time to time.
If you think the latest health tip is for you, give it a try.  See how you feel.  Good, healthy changes will be easy and natural for you to follow.  If it's difficult, skip it! 

7.  Know the difference between recreational eating and eating for nourishment.
Both have a place and you already know the difference.

8.  Food is one of the gifts of pleasure.
Eating feels good.  Tastes good.  Brings warm, calm, snug-ly feelings.  Creates beauty.  Offers encouragement.  Marks milestones.  And, yes, is often a reward. 

9. Eat better - Feel better - Live better.
Choose better fast food.  Healthy up your kitchen. Splurge every once in a while.   

10.  Don't obsess.
Do the best you can and then forget about it! 


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