Gourmet Quick - Creme of Carrot Soup

Monday Morning Post

Carrots are one of the least expensive vegetables but you'd pay $6 to 8 for a cup of this at any fancy bistro or gourmet shop. 

Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and last forever in the fridge so If you've got carrots, you've got soup. 

The ingredients of this soup are simple but the taste is complex.  
Add some crusty bread and some cheese and a salad for 
a home cooked meal in no time flat.
Got carrots?
You've got soup!

Crème of Carrot Soup

Delicious-ly mild and tender-ly sweet. 
Easy but tastes like it took all day to make.

Serves 4 to 6 

4 cups water
1 pound carrots (cleaned, ends cut off, peeled and cut into random 1/2 inch circles)
1 tablespoon sugar (sugar substitutes not recommended)
1 tablespoon butter (margarine or oil not recommended)
Milk to taste - about 1 1/2 cups 
Salt to taste 

Put water, carrots, sugar and butter into a medium sauce pan.  Partially cover pot.  Bring to a boil on high. 
Reduce heat to simmers and cook, partially covered, until carrots are very soft - about 35 minutes.

Remove from heat and let cool (covered) until easy to handle - about 20 minutes.  Puree carrots and water together until very smooth - about 3 minutes. (A blender or hand held blender works best as the food processor can leak.)  Return puree to pot.  Add milk until you like the consistency.  Add salt to taste, if desired.  Reheat gently - stirring.  Do not boil.

Karla's Tips:
We particularly like using unsweetened almond milk but any milk works well..... whole, 2 %,  skim and unsweetened soy all work well.  The richer the milk, the richer the soup.


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