Is Wine a Food Group? And Other Things to Wine About

Monday Morning Post

You've asked....  I'll answer

'All About Wine!!'

This is a picture of cheese.
I didn't have any pictures of wine.
But cheese goes with wine
so it's OK.

Q. Are there any vitamins or minerals in a glass of wine?

A. Yes.  But not large amounts amount of anything.

So, you really have to drink a lot of wine to get your RDA....
that's recommended daily allowance for those of you
who thought you could skip Home Ec.

Q. Does a glass of wine count as a serving of fruit?

A. No, sorry, but nice try.

Q. Does cooking with wine provide the same health benefits as drinking wine?

A. No one knows.  So, until we learn more, be sure to drink a glass of wine while cooking.

Q. What wines can I serve to someone allergic to sulfites?

A. None.  All wines have sulfites which occur naturally.  Offer them vodka instead.

Q. Are there pesticide residues in wine?

A.  Probably, but who cares.  The health benefits of drinking wine could possibly outweigh any chance of pesticide poisoning. 

Q.  Is wine considered a food group?

A.  Yes, in some states...... especially those, like Virginia, that produce wine.

Q.  I've heard the rule is to serve red wine with meat and white with fish.  When do you serve rose?

A.  When you've finished everything else. 


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