Tea & A Topic at Cheesecake Farms - A Deliciously Different Group Outing in Virginia's Gracious Hunt & Wine Country

Tea & A Topic
Cheesecake Farms


Steeped in southern grace and Virginia style, Tea at Cheesecake Farms is an elegant way to get-together.  Stir in a fun but tasty educational presentation and you’ve got a deliciously different group outing.

Tea is refreshment served between lunch and dinner but, in this tradition, we also offer a morning Tea seating.  

Rather than the typical English Tea, we serve Tea Virginia style offering a yummy array of farm baked goodies topped off with plenty of southern hospitality! 

You'll nibble your way around a luscious, cook's choice buffet of Virginia sweets and savories with plenty of hot and, in season, iced tea for sipping. Then, while you relax, you'll listen to your choice of a fun, informative and educational topic.  

Tea & A Topic - an educational class with refreshments!

Served by reservation for groups of 12 or more. 

At Cheesecake Farms, we pour Virginia Hunt Country charm into each and every cup!

Tea & A Topic
Cheesecake Farms
For groups by reservation 

Monday thru Thursday

Choice of Seating Time

  10 AM to 11:30 AM
2 PM to 3:30 PM

$39.50 per person



The Topics

From the list below, choose a topic of interest to your group.  Topics may vary seasonally and are updated from time to time.

Presentations are approximately 20 minutes with remaining time for enjoying the tea and socializing.

1.  Suits Me to a Tea

In this presentation you’ll learn that herbs are more than just a sprig of parsley added to dress up a plate.

You’ll discover the nature of herbs, their nutrient values and how to incorporate them into everyday foods and beverages.

Ideas will be shared for creating your own tea garden of flavorful herbs for crafting into lovely, homey, health giving teas…….   No green thumb needed!

2.     Guests for Breakfast

Laugh along with Inn Keeper Karla Seidita as she shares interesting anecdotes and melting moments about what it’s like to run a bed & breakfast.

3.     How to Make a Cheesecake that Doesn’t Crack

Before becoming an Inn Keeper, Karla Seidita owned and operated a whole sale cheesecake bakery for 20 years in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

How to keep a cheesecake from cracking was her most frequently asked question.

With a little kitchen magic and a few tricks of the trade, Karla will waltz you thru the secrets of a perfect (and uncracked) cheesecake! 

4.  The Elegant Art of Wine Tasting

We'll tease your senses as we waltz you thru the steps & teach you the fine points.  You'll discover extraordinary tastes from even the most common everyday wines. You'll learn to sniff, swirl & sip just like a pro!

Novice or connoisseur... it's easy once you know how... And fun, too!!!


Christmas Tea & A Topic 
Plus Christmas Shopping!!

A holiday program guaranteed to put you in a festive mood! 
     "The Elegance of A Natural, Hunt Country Christmas" 

We'll have our special holiday boutique, too, with oodles of great stuff for browsing and buying!!

Everyday.....Weekends, too.
December 1 thru December 20

Great Program
Great Refreshments
Great Stuff to Buy

Reservations now being accepted. 
Don't wait and be disappointed. 
Limited availability after November 1, 2016.

Christmas Tea & A Topic
Cheesecake Farms
For groups by reservation 

December 1 thru December 20, 2016

Choice of Seating Time

  10 AM to 11:30 AM
2 PM to 3:30 PM

$49.50 per person



Q.  What's the minimum & maximum number for Tea & A Topic?

A.  The minimum is 12 people.
     The maximum is currently 24 but we are creating a new, larger space and are always happy to talk with you about the needs for your group.

Q.  Our group is fewer than 12.  Can we still come?

A.    No problem!
Simply take the total cost for 12 people (the minimum) and divide it by the number in your group.

So, for the minimum number of 12 X $49 per person, the total would be $588. 

If you only have 10 in your group, for example, the individual price per person would be $58.80.

Q.  Our group is larger than 24.  Can we still come?

A.    Email or call with your requirements and we'l see what we can do.
CheesecakeFarms@aol.com     or   540-439-2188.

Q.  Can we come on weekends?

A.   From January 2016 thru November 2016, Tea & A Topic is available Monday thru Thursday.

During December 2016, a very special Christmas Tea & A Topic is available daily – including weekends.

Q.   Can we get the regular topics during December instead of the Christmas presentation? 

A.    Sorry, no.

Q.  What type of foods will be served?

A.  We offer a generous refreshment buffet of farm baked sweets and savories.  The menu is seasonal and always cook's choice.  Offerings may include cakes, cookies, tea breads, tea sandwiches and of course cheesecake!  The beverages are hot tea and, in season, iced tea.    

Q.  Do you serve sugar free foods?

A.  Some of our buffet selections may be naturally free of added sugar but we do not cook, bake, use or offer artificial sweeteners.  Guests are certainly welcome to bring their own preferred sweeteners for their tea. 

Q.  Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

A.  Sometimes.  Please discuss your needs with us before you make a reservation.

Q.  Can we get coffee instead of tea?

A.  Sorry, no, but we’ll have plenty of hot water on hand (sugar and creamers, too!) so guests who prefer coffee can bring their own instant to stir into hot water at their table.

Q.  Are you handicap accessible?

A.   We are not barrier free, but some of our areas have easier access.  Please discuss your needs with us before making a reservation. 

Q.   Can we pay at the door?

A.      Sorry, no.

Q.  How do I make a reservation?

A.   Decide on a date & time plus an alternate or two.
      Call or email to check availability.
      Tell us the number in your group.
      Pick a topic.
      Pay the deposit or pay in full.  (See the Fine Print below)

      That's it!  We'll take it from there!!


The Fine Print

Tea & A Topic is available year round.

Choice of seating time: Morning Tea – 10 to 11:30 AM   or   Afternoon Tea – 2 to 3:30 PM

Tea is refreshment offered between meals and should not be considered breakfast or lunch.

A non refundable deposit of $150 is required to make a reservation.  With regret, no reservations are made without a deposit.  Requesting a date without a deposit does not reserve the date. 

The balance is due 4 weeks before your tea.  Full payment is required if booking 4 weeks or less.

Tax is included in the price.

With regret, there is no credit or allowance for unused or undesired parts of the package.

All individual payments of your group members must be collected by your organizer or other designate and come to us as one single payment. We cannot accept partial payments or payments individually from each member of your group even if they are to be charged.  For your convenience, we accept Mastercard/Visa/American Express. 

Inn Keeper Karla Seidita or her assigns will host your tea and deliver the presentation.  Although unlikely, Cheesecake Farms or its assigns reserves the right to substitute a different topic.

We do not have a dedicated kitchen to accommodate allergy related or religious food needs.

We do not cook with, serve or provide artificial sweeteners.   Alcohol is not permitted. 

Please discuss any special needs or wheel chair accommodations needed before making a reservation. 

With regret, there is no discount for children.

Individual Cancellations
Handle individual cancellations within your group.  It’s helpful to have a waiting list to fill in spots quickly & easily.  With regret, we cannot give refunds for individual cancellations or no shows.
Those arriving late will blend into the group session and allotted time.  There is no extension time for those who come late. 

Group Cancellations
4 weeks before the tea – Full refund less the $150 deposit
Less than 4 weeks before the event – No refund

In the unlikely event that Cheesecake Farms or its assigns cancels your Tea for whatever reason, you will receive a complete refund (including your deposit) - the full extent our liability.




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