10 Best Stress Busting Foods

Improve Your Mood with Natural Food!

Ditch those expensive food supplements and yucky tasting drinks.
Everyday foods are natural stress busters.

Feel better.  Get focused.
Have tons of natural, sustainable energy with your favorite foods.

How's that for stress busting?

1. Milk - Plain, chocolate, whole, skim, hot, cold - anyway you like it. A little milk is a great relax-er. Don't forget to add a cookie.

2. Chocolate - especially the dark kind but I've never met a chocolate bar that let me down.

3. Whole grains - Rice, pasta or cereal. When you're down, carb up.

4. Salmon - Fatty acids tickle the brain. Ever felt sad when someone served you grilled salmon?

5. Broccoli - There's something about this green vegetable that brightens the mood. Maybe it's the garlic and olive oil saute. Maybe it's the ranch dressing we use as a dip. Maybe it's the mushroom soup and French fried onions rings that turn it into a casserole. What ever it is, eating broccoli will make you happier.

6. Coffee - OK, caffeine. We love it. It perks us up and makes a work crammed day do-able.

7. Turkey - Calms our frazzled nerves.  Just don't fall asleep at your desk after that turkey wrap lunch.

8. Berries - Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries. If it's got "berries" on the end, it's a great stress buster.

9. Nuts - all nuts, any kind of nuts. Eat them whole as a snack. Grind them into nut butter. Use them in cooking. Nuts are powerhouses of everything good we need.

10. Any food that tastes good - In addition to eating for health, we eat for pleasure. Pleasure is very stress reducing.

Liver - Yes, liver is incredibly stress relieving (unless you're trying to force feed it to your child). Opt for sauted organic beef liver smothered with bacon, onions and brown gravy (ketchup is optional). Or try liver pate on a baguette with Dijon mustard. Or an everything bagel with chicken liver spread and paper thin slices of red onion.
You get the idea.


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