Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cool Off This Summer with Icy, Watermelon Slushies!!

Summertime is here!

What could be better than settling into a comfy chair with one of my watermelon slushies!

Easy to make.   Healthy to drink..... even with a dash of spirits!  

Prep them now and tuck them into your freezer.  When you're ready, they're ready.

Ah, the lazy -  hazy days of summer!

Watermelon Slushies
Makes 2 1/2 pints (5 cups)

1 (3-4 pound) piece watermelon (any variety)

3/4 cup sugar (other sweeteners not recommended)

Juice of 1 fresh lime (about 2 tablespoons - bottled OK)

Gin, vodka, rum or Virginia dessert wine.

Remove rind and seeds from melon. Discard.

Puree the red/pink part in the food processor or blender.  You should have about 4 cups puree.  A little more or less is OK.

Put 1 cup puree into a microwave safe bowl.  Stir in sugar.  Microwave until sugar dissolves.  Cool.

Stir into remaining puree. Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze till firm - about 8 hours. Longer is OK.

When frozen, remove cubes from trays and pulse a few times in the food processor to make it slushy then let the slush whirl for a minute or so until it comes together into a nice, sherbet like consistency.

Make sure there are no large chunks of ice. It takes a little longer than you think but not so much longer that it melts.   Serve immediately or pack into a freezer container and freeze for later use.

At serving time, spoon into tall glasses. 

For the adults, drizzle with a shot of gin, vodka, rum or Virginia dessert wine.  

Skip the alcohol for the kiddies.

Garnish with a spring of mint or a paper umbrella. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Super Easy ( & Super Tasty) Way to More Energy Now!!

Dragging around?
Need more energy?
No medical reason?

It's time to take a look at what you're eating!

While you may be eating good nutritious food, it's possible that you're eating too many foods with a high glycemic index.

The glycemic index (GI) is a scale of how rapidly the carbohydrate in food is released into the blood stream and put into storage by the body.

Foods with a high GI (70 or more) get gobbled up and stored quickly as body fat.

Foods with a low GI (less than 55) are used for energy immediately.

Simply by eating foods with a low GI index, you'll have energy now - when you need it.
Foods with a lower GI are often an easy swap.  Eating All Bran cereal instead of Grape Nuts. Choosing brown rice instead of white.  Enjoying premium ice cream instead of the cheap stuff.  Eating corn chips instead of fruit roll ups.  
Here's a link with 100 commonly eaten foods to get you started.  More complete lists are available (many for free) on line.


Power Porridge

Tastes like fancy oatmeal.
You'll never know the difference but your body will.
Both buckwheat (GI 45) and rye (GI 34) are low on the glycemic scale.  Adding them to oatmeal (GI 53) lowers the overall GI to a mere GI of 44 per serving.
Serves 2 to 4

1/4 cup cream of buckwheat cereal
1/2 cup old fashioned oatmeal (not steel cut,instant or quick cooking)
1/4 cup cream of rye cereal
2 1/2 cups water

Mix everything together in a small pot. Bring to a boil on high. Reduce heat to low and cook, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes (uncovered) or until it's the consistency you like. Serve with power toppings.

Power Toppings:
(Choose any or all. Must have raw foods daily to unlock enzymes.)

Fresh apple
Raw cranberries
Walnuts, pecans, sun flower seeds, and/or pumpkin seeds
Wheat germ
Milk (any type - cow, soy, coconut, rice or almond)
Sweetener - Maple syrup, brown sugar, agave, honey
Bee pollen

Go easy on the brown sugar, honey and maple syrup which will boost the GI.

Artificial sweetener is not recommended. It zaps energy.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

How to Create Miracles!

Miracles happen everyday and to all sorts of people.

Miracles are moments of grace. 
Back stage passes. 
"Get out of jail free" cards. 

Miracles happen at the point where everything comes together and you stop fighting the life you were meant to live.

You don't have to be religious or belong to a church for miracles.

When you're you're on the right path, miracles flow like water. 

Creating miracles is much easier than you think.
All you have to do is get out of your head and open your heart!
Miracles need space to enter your life.  If you're closed tight, they can't get in.

There are hundreds (thousands!) of easy ways to create space for miracles.

No special training or studying needed!
Isn't that miraculous?  

Here's a few ideas to get you started.
You'll think of many more.
Yes, they all seem too ridiculously easy to work.

The idea is to get out of your head and open your heart.  
That's all it takes!
Yes, really!!

1.  Celebrate someone else's success.

2.  Do something to help yourself.

3.  Say no the next time you feel like a door mat.

4.  Do the thing you hate first.

5.  Pray for what you want but be prepared to hear the answer.

6.  Plant a garden.

7.  Sit quietly by a pond or a stream.

8.  Take a warm bath.

9.  Get a massage - even a mini one.

10. Take a casserole to a sick friend.

Seems unbelievable.
Can it really be that easy to fill your life with miracles?

All you have to do is open up the space by opening up your heart and miracles will find their way into your life.   Isn't that miraculous?