Got Tomatoes? Freeze 'Em

Got lots of tomatoes in the garden?

No time (or not into) canning?

Freeze them!

Every year I get asked this same question....  

Can I freeze tomatoes???

Yes, you can freeze tomatoes!  You really can!!

Frozen tomatoes have a different texture than canned tomatoes. They are pulpier so they work best in cooked dishes.  

But, if you have tons of tomatoes and no time to can, why not????  It takes only seconds to stock your freezer. 

Here's how:

Wash, drain and dry tomatoes well.
Pop into freezer weight bags.  
That's it!

No peeling, coring or cutting.

Tomatoes burst in the freezer and the peel magically falls off. 

Whenever you need tomatoes, just take some out of the bag.

Discard the peel and core. 

Thaw or not.

Chop or not then add the pulp and the juice to your recipe. 

Be sure to use freezer weight bags. 

They are heavier so they will not break in the freezer. 


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