Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health

By Karla Jones Seidita, Home Economist

Good health is our most precious gift.

When you are healthy, you feel good.  When you feel good, you're able to follow your bliss.

Why would you have been brought through millions of years of evolution to live a life that's less than full and rich?

With each turn of the her genetic key, Mother Nature provides well being.... but look around.  Sadly, there is a lot of pain, suffering and sickness in the world - even in our country that's blessed with abundance and opportunity.

There are many factors involved with the human experience.   Each person is unique and comes with his or her own users manual even though we all share a common humanity.

Want you health to improve dramatically?  Start paying attention to the messages your body is sending you!

At first, messages are low key and subtle.  Ignore them and they escalate with volcanic proportions.

For example, cracked finger nails may be a sign that you're eating many more refined carbs than your body needs.  Over time, eat too many refined carbs may result in diabetes.

A dry cough might mean you're dehydrated.  Ignore your need for water and you've got joints that wear out long before them time.

And that's only the beginning!

Always get professional medical care when you need it but pay attention to your body.

Give yourself the gift of good health.  Your body will thank you.


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